Demographic Data Supporting Residential Property Investment

Young Group has recently published its latest private rented sector report:

 Below are the key findings:

  1. The number of UK single person households is set to reach 10.9million by 2031 (up by 60% from Dec 2009). (Source: ONS)
  2. London is forecast to swell to 4.4million households by 2031 (up from 3.2million in 2006). (source: Experian)
  3. In 2008/09, each region in England missed its housebuilding target, by an average of 38%. (source: NHF)
  4. Just 5,500 new homes are expected to be built in London during 2012. (source: Drivers Jonas Deloitte)
  5. From 2007 to 2009, net mortgage lending fell by 88%. (source: Council of Mortgage Lenders)
  6. Mortgage approvals for H1 2010 were 10.8% lower than H2 2009. (source: Bank of England)
  7. In 2009, 49% of under 30’s were housed by the Private Rented Sector. (source: Key Note market assessment)
  8. At December 2009, annualised returns for residential property were 11%; commercial property stood at 3.5% (source: IPD)

To access the report by click here – it is fascinating and compelling.


4 responses to “Demographic Data Supporting Residential Property Investment

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